He’s impossible to read.

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Seen in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine.

Dolce Gabbana ss14 + hair colors | inspired by (+)

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This summer has been an ugly mess and my dumped, depressed ass has not been fun to be around. But all my friends have been there anyway.


god damn baby assassin. He’s probably gonna be doing parkour at like 4 and become a marine by 9 

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Kurt Hummel I miss you.

Kurt Hummel I miss you.

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omg he even doesnt hit the bombs

I don’t normally reblog cats, but this one has Fruit Ninja skills

What do you mean you dont reblog cats everybody reblog cats

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So at work I just said that I can’t go to Russia or Hungary because it doesn’t feel safe for me as a dyke. Imagine my surprise when people said the mandatory “personally I accept anything I mean you can’t forbid it I mean you can’t deny it exists”.

Great now I know you’re an ass.